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Turntable Lab NYC Storefront - HiFi Gear / DJ Equipment / Record Shop

This East Village shop is a vital hotbed of musical experimentation and is packed with gorgeous stuff, from analog synthesizers to sleek turntables to piles of brand new house LPs.

East Village

Our list of amazing record stores in NYC will navigate you to the best new releases, used vinyl and turntables. For record collectors, the past few years in New York City have been rough, to say the least, as bevy of longtime vinyl peddlers—including.

Turntable Lab makes it a point to stock nothing but the best, and while it's definitely not a place for bargain shoppers save up a couple paychecks before you visit , the easy-going staff always make you feel welcome. Gear junkies will love their supply of mixers and synthesizers, and audiophiles will find plenty of top-notch gram soul and reggae reissues to scoop up.

If your listening tastes include both throwback funk and modern indie rock, or if you're looking for that must-have new hip-hop, downtempo, or electro album, you'll find it. Norman's keeps a few well-stocked discount bins up front, and their extensive jazz collection—which features less-obvious greats like Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins—is along the left-hand wall.

Farther back is a small library of country, and hiding in the back corner is a fantastic array of film soundtracks from all those classic foreign movies you really meant to watch but never did. One last tip: after you pay for your stack of records, stop in for a pork bun at M Noodle Shop just up the street.

Best vinyl record stores in NYC

But don't mistake youth for inexperience: owners Travis Klein and Steve Smith have set up an excellent operation. Classic rock, punk, metal, jazz, and latin are all well-represented, but in truth Human Head's selection of 12" reggae, soca, and hip-hop singles might be the main attraction. With 45s curated by DJ Sticky Dojah and a stock that's in constant motion, Klein and Smith have created a viable vinyl monster.

Once you walk in, you'll feel right at home with thousands of CDs, DVDs, books, and, of course, records that cover basically every major jazz artist that ever picked up an instrument.

The best record stores in NYC

Owner Fred Cohen has been keeping the shop well-stocked and finely-curated for over 30 years, and the back room of records is an absolute jazz paradise, with albums by everyone from Miles Davis to Paul Gonsalves to Stan Getz to Max Roach to Grover Washington Jr. Some of more prolific artists are even organized by record label; Coltrane's section has subdivisions for Prestige, Impulse, and Atlantic records. You can buy with confidence, given how carefully Cohen checks the condition of each record, and if you greet him with a smile he'll be happy to turn you on to a few unexpected gems, or maybe even open up his library of Downbeat and Metronome magazine back issues, which dates back to Jazz Record Center is located at West 26th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, Suite , in Chelsea , jazzrecordcenter.

The vintage shop's collection tops , and has absolutely no organization.

JAZZ RECORD CENTER. NEW YORK CITY. #vinyl, #jazzvinyl, #newyorkcity

There are no sections, no divisions, no systems at The Thing—only crates upon shelves upon boxes upon tables of vinyl through which to comb. The Thing is a shop where DJs can go to find things no one else will have we're talking un-google-able house, soul, and funk , but it's also a place for vinyl beginners to get their start. Then again, if old soul is what you're into, their selection of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye reissues is top-notch, and like any good shop, the floor is covered with disorganized, bursting boxes of classic rock and funk singles on Small but incredibly-well-curated collections of electronica, psychedelia, avant-garde, and latin music are located by the door, and as you go back into hip-hop, soul, and rock the sections grow in size.

There's also a fantastic batch of afrobeat Brazilian funk reissues.

10 Best Record Stores In New York City

But the most important aspect of Earwax is its human element, and store owner and DJ Fabio Roberti takes special pride in his avant-garde and Krautrock sections, which are always in tip-top shape. The banana cover peels off and it's absolutely not for sale. Rebel Rebel serves up the snarl in a West Village area that's grown awfully chic over the past few years, and its selection of low-priced U.

The only thing is, it's a ridiculously cramped shop, with stacks and piles of records some of them with no sleeves spilling all over the place. In a way, though, it's perfect. Rebel Rebel feels like a crowded, unruly rock concert and maybe that's what digging for punk rock vinyl is meant to be after all.

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It might be a little dingy, but in there you'll find deals on first-pressings of 20th Century legends, and the front section labeled "Top LPs of All Time" lives up to its claim. The rock section is a dream and the jazz section is massive.

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The rarities up on the wall include stuff like gold-stamped promos from Eric B. You know you need that Tron in your life. A-1 RECORDS: This East Village vinyl institution has been a must-dig place for many years, and has its own small population of devoted regulars who visit multiple times a week, combing through the new-arrival bins.

The walls are coated in stickers and show flyers for bygone punk bands and rappers, but luckily the music has survived. Mike Grimes founded the business store nearly two decades ago December , with Doyle Davis coming on board just a few years later. The idea to open a record store came about after Grimes, who had worked as a musician and held other positions in the industry, found himself without a job and at a crossroads.

  • Flatiron, East Village, and Greenpoint.
  • 19 Best Record Stores in NYC For Finding New Music and Rare Vinyl.

So, I had all these records. A friend encouraged Grimes to open a shop, so he did. Once Doyle became a partner, the two men worked aggressively to promote vinyl and keep the store stocked, even before vinyl made its resurgence. John Hiatt, Ben Folds, and Rayland Baxter are a few confirmed so far, with others to be announced in the weeks ahead.

Live performance by the band Twen at Grimey's in Nashville.

Generation Records

Your wishlist is empty. Share on Facebook Pin it. Such a nostalgic experience! Jason, a manager at the store, chalks up the Greenwich Village institution's continued success to the loyalty of those genres' fans. Selections for all levels of LP enthusiasts.

Jack White opened the Nashville location in All of these things happening in Nashville are attracting people to come here to work and record. But vinyl speaks to the whole Nashville story.