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Tennessee, probate court books, 1795-1927

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The mission of the Anderson County Clerk of Court's Office is to diligently and professionally Case Search. Launch the Case Search. Clinton, TN Map. Welcome to the Anderson County Circuit Court Clerk's web site. you will find docket calendars, fee schedules, case search options, and an online payment.

In addition, by using this site and becoming a customer of this site, you understand and accept that the information we gather is derived primarily from public records, which may not be one hundred percent accurate or complete. Users should not assume that this data provides a complete or accurate history of any person's criminal history.

Anderson County, Texas

Users should consult state and federal laws before using this information in making decisions on hiring or firing of employees. Tennessee Courts Record Check: This criminal courts background record record search includes This criminal courts record check contains felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and infraction records.

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Records contained within this data are from the Circuit and Criminal Courts in Tennessee. Results may include name, date of birth, offense, degree of offense, type of filing, file date, disposition date and judgment type.

This dataset is updated monthly. Tennessee Corrections Report Background Search: This corrections report check includes This dataset contains current and historical statewide felony and misdemeanor information for inmates, probationers and parolees who are or have been under the supervision of the Tennessee Department of Corrections. This data may include name, date of birth, physical descriptions, county, charge,sentence, and additional information.

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This dataset is updated quarterly. An individual may be required to register with the Drug Offender Registry based on a conviction relating to the manufacture, conspiracy to commit, attempt to commit, or solicitation to commit any substance-related offense as defined in TN Statutes, d 2 , or Please note: This dataset was previously named "Meth Offender Registry".

In July , the Tennessee General Assembly changed this registry to include additional substances and offenses. Results may include name, date of birth, offense, and conviction date. Local Tennessee Jurisdictions Included with this instant Tennessee Statewide Search: The following list shows Tennessee Court datasets included in this instant statewide Tennessee search from local jurisdictions within Tennessee along with respective search description update information.

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Datasets originate from county courts. Data varies from court to court but may contain name, date of birth, race, sex, county, charge or charges, felonies, misdemeanors, dispositions, time served, and additional information. Tennessee Sex Offender Report Description: This sex offender background report includes high-risk offenders.

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This data is updated monthly. Offenders convicted, incarcerated, on probation or on parole for certain sex offenses on or after January 1, must register. Offenders must register for life, but after 10 years can apply for relief from registry. Data set is updated monthly.

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Privacy Statement - Security - Terms of Use. An amber alert has been issued. Click here to visit the Amber Alert site. Official County Website For local court contact information, visit the county's official website or see our directory of courts and clerks.

Contact the local court directly with questions about jury duty, an upcoming court date, or getting a copy of a document in your case if it isn't available online. The Indiana Supreme Court approves local court rules in only these areas: selection of special judges in civil and criminal cases, court reporter services, caseload allocation plans, and service as an acting judge in another court, county, or district.

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All other local court rules are adopted without Supreme Court approval. Find case information and some documents at mycase. Attorneys are required to e-file in this county; others are encouraged to e-file.

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