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There are a number of ways for employers to gather information on the background of an applicant for employment. Employers may simply call an applicant's former employer to confirm the applicant's dates of employment and title and to try to obtain a more detailed reference from a supervisor.

Here's how to background-check your Valentine's Day date

However, more and more frequently, employers are hiring third parties to conduct background checks on applicants who have been offered employment. There are often legal limits on employers obtaining and using this type of information.

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When employers hire a third party to conduct a background check or to obtain reports from outside agencies, such reports are subject to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA and state laws. Using a professional background check specialist site like freepeoplescan.

What background check providers like this do is gather county and state records data in a single platform.

This will make the analysis fast and instant. Ultimately, the best way to do background checks is to use state government resources and a national check.

What are Arizona’s Background Check Laws?

The Criminal History Records Section serves as the Central State Repository for criminal records in the state of Arizona (see Arizona Revised Statute ). The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) serves as the central repository for various types of records. These records are for incidents or collisions investigated by State Troopers or other DPS employees. Incidents involving county or local jurisdictions (County Sheriffs, City.

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Arizona Employment Background Checks

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Find out what's happening in Phoenix with free, real-time updates from Patch. A similar procedure is in place for the city of Glendale. In Phoenix, city-level positions do not warrant criminal history checks until an applicant is a finalist for a job position; if the check disqualifies an applicant, they must receive notice and have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Stop Expunged Or Sealed Records From Appearing On Background Checks

Tempe employs a questionnaire system for finalist applicants as a precursor to a fingerprint-based background check but bans the box on initial applications. Tucson delays inquiries until after the first interview.

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  • Here's how to background-check your Valentine's Day date.
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At the county level, Maricopa and Pima counties have implemented policies to ban the box on initial public applications while maintaining other rules in accordance with EEOC guidance and FCRA regulations. Choose a county to search: Choose a state to search:. The selected state requires a release form to process your search. Call us at for more information.