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Rethink that idea. That's because part of a new state law prohibits "persons receiving online ordinations from solemnizing the rite of matrimony. Knox County Clerk of Court Sherry Witt said her office doesn't check the credentials of any wedding officiant.

Federal judge says new Tennessee online-ordained minister law has 'serious constitutional issues'

The clerk's office issues an average of to marriage licenses each month. We are not allowed to question the authority of a marriage; we do not know who is ordained online ," she said.

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The law, Witt said, "brings clarity to a gray area" regarding online-ordained officiants or ministers. Previously, the law didn't specifically address online officiants. Along with Washington D. Notably, certain Native American tribes still allow for establishment of common law marriages. Recognition of valid out-of-state marriages, including common law marriages, falls squarely under the rule of comity between sister states for purposes of practical convenience and expediency. If a marriage is valid in the sister state where it was established and the Tennessee court asserts jurisdiction, then the spouses may seek a divorce here.

Learn the rules for getting a divorce in Tennessee.

In Tennessee law, being joined in marriage requires both a license from the county clerk and a ceremony. An authorized person, such as a spiritual leader or mayor, must solemnize the rite of matrimony.

Online churches protest new law

The signed license is then returned to the county clerk and recorded with vital records. See T. In the past, too many records were inaccurate, lost, or destroyed. This centralized process allows people to obtain government certified vital records of marriage licenses.

Birth certificates, death certificates, and divorce records are similarly recorded by the Tennessee Department of Health, Office of Vital Records. Is there a special divorce from common law marriage?

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The county clerk cannot require proof that an officiant is, in fact, a minister or other authorized person. Any marriage that may have been or may be celebrated between persons, by license regularly issued, is valid, and the issue thereof is declared legitimate, although the baptismal name of either party may be omitted in the license, or a nickname be used instead thereof; provided, that the parties have consummated the marriage by cohabitation, and can be identified as the persons between whom such marriage was solemnized. Any marriage performed by any judge of the general sessions court in any county of this state before March 16, , shall be valid and declared to be in full compliance with the laws of this state. Current and former speakers of the senate and speakers of the house of representatives. C The provisions of subdivision a 2 A do not apply in counties having a population, according to the federal census or any subsequent federal census, of not less than one hundred three thousand one hundred and not more than one hundred three thousand four hundred

No, but additional proofs will be required. When a spouse with a common law marriage seeks a divorce in Tennessee, the validity of that marriage must be determined first. Because there is no official certificate from a governmental authority to file with the complaint for divorce, additional evidence and testimony will be needed to prove the common law marriage is valid.

Which spouse must prove a common law marriage exists? The party who filed the complaint for divorce has the burden of proving the existence of a valid common law marriage. In that opinion, Op.

Who Gets What in Tennessee?

FindLaw's overview of marriage laws in Tennessee. Learn more about this and related information in FindLaw's Tennessee Family Law section. Tennessee marriage license fee is $ - $ Legal marriage age is 18, minimum age is No blood test, waiting period or residency requirements.

Many states have had litigation over the legal validity of marriages officiated by ministers ordained online. In several cases, spouses have argued that their marriages were invalid because the wedding was solemnized by a ULC minister or other minister ordained online. The legal validity or lack thereof of marriages officiated by ULC ministers, or other similar churches, varies by jurisdiction. Commonwealth that the authority of a group of ULC ministers was rightfully rescinded because they did not meet the state law definition of clergy.

In New York, several court rulings have denied the authority of online-ordained ministers to officiate at weddings. In Rubino v. Ranieri , the court held that a marriage solemnized by a ULC minister was void. In some other states, courts have specifically ruled that online-ordained ministers are qualified to officiate weddings under the relevant state statute.

But in most, there is no court ruling on point. I recommend that couples always marry first at a government office unless they are in a state in which the authority of online-ordained ministers is clearly established. In Tennessee, just before the ban on online-ordained officiants was scheduled to take effect, a lawsuit was filed by the Universal Life Church and three of its ordained ministers.

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The lawsuit claims that that law burdens the free exercise of religion and freedom of expression by its members. It might meet with the same fate, but social norms surrounding marriage have certainly changed. But different-sex couples are also more likely to choose a private wedding ceremony today than they were in past generations. Fewer people identify with organized religion, and attitudes toward marriage are even more individualistic than a decade or two ago.

These attitudes and more are explored in this New York Times article.

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One need only read wedding announcements in the newspaper to realize how common it is for couples to choose a friend or family member as an officiant, usually by way of an online-ordination for that person. Can Tennessee choose to ban these officiants despite the rise in social demand for their services? That is the question that will be answered when the lawsuit goes to trial this fall.

But is that something the state can constitutionally decide anyway? Posted in: Family Law , Speech and Religion. Tags: Marriage , Religion , tennessee.

Cohabitation Agreements

Share Tweet Share Share. Posted in: Family Law. The Internet and the Ministry Many of the legal issues involving marriage officiants involve ministers of the Universal Life Church, an organization that is called a church but functions very differently from most organized religions.