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How to do TomTom Update?

The TomTom Bandit action camera was added in their ever growing product catalog in IANAL but surely claiming violation of an invalid patent is useless. TomTom navigation devices get regular updates about maps, route changes, and current location information. You must activate the maps using a series of unique codes. I know the latest maps available on tomtom website is V9. TomTom is your personal navigation assistant in World of Warcraft.

I noticed that lately there are more and questions in regards to the different TT APK's as well as complaints based on mixing APK's with map releases from other postings. So it is time to give some clearity on the matter All TT APK's with the same version number are totally identical, except for the country name in the menu and program and the device ID. The differences in size for some APK's are mainly a result of the included voices and no indication of features. There are three different "cured" APK versions to find: a Only patched : you can use other Android TT maps, but no full featured PNA maps - in some releases the license check is not entirely removed, causing error in regards to TT servers during navigation.

TomTom Support Number + -MCHelper

You won't find those versions in any good GPS forum unless posted by user and untested by the mods. Please keep the above in mind when seeking new maps! Also keep in mind that it does no matter if you have a EU APK but use only US maps - it is just a cosmetical thing to have a different country name displayed by the TT program Ok, but how does help me to get my new maps going?

Well, you now know that the device ID is country specific, so the device ID will always be the same for a selected APK no matter on what device you install it. You also know that you need a suitable APK in case you want to use maps of a different country or simply like to add a map without the need to install another APK - please refer to the forum search for the TT map changer! If you have done your homework you also know by now that a map is only useable if a corresponding meta code is available. All of the above infos can be found in the current map thread and in the current Android TT threads.

Find the model of your navigation device and what software it updates through

How do I do the actual map activation, since the APK is already patched? One option is to use tool that allows to manually enter the device ID, like Easyusetool Frontend, Alberts Easy Activator and some more But I personally prefer to do the "work" on my PC instead of messing around on the tablet, so I suggest to try this way: I assume you already installed the APK and figured out the correct location for your map folder on the device Unpack the downloaded map the a folder on your PC, for this tutorial I name the folder " Android maps ".

So you should end up with the folder "Android maps" and in there a folder with the name of the map containing all map files.


Download the latest version of FastActivate from the forum and unpack the archive to the folder "Android maps". If in doubt use the posted meta code for the map and create meta. Save the file as ttnavigator. Start FastActivate and activate the map. If successful you will find a. Be aware that if a map was activated with a wrong meta code, or if the wrong device ID was used you have to delete.

TomTom Update

Reading the instruction, it says to touch the bottom right of the screen to reveal device ID but when I do that, I just get the "Status summary". To see which navigation device you have and what software it uses for updates, select the first two characters of your serial number from the drop-down below.

Now copy the map folder to your TT folder on your device. Before you post questions in regards to unsuccesful activations: Confirm your APK is properly patched! In general a lot of thanks for an APK indicates that it must work Confirm you selected the correct map version! Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

TomTom Support Number

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I've finally managed to install tomtom 7 on my pda mda compact3. It will recognise your device and after strting up, see the pictures below where you have to click. Put the TTN7.

TomTom owners furious as sat-nav map updates SCRAPPED for 32 models

Run tomtom and off you go! Any problems let me know guys hope this helps and hope i been clear.

Steps to Update TomTom Map Free of Cost – Tutorial

Joe Inactive User. Hi m8 thanks for the tutorial however, the tomtom home thing wouldnt find my PDA, any ideas on this active sync worked just not the tomtom home app cheers Joe.

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Last edited: Jul 15, Joined Mar 22, Messages Reaction score 1. Joe said:. Joined Aug 26, Messages Reaction score 2. Simply in the opening map view tap the satellite bars box and then the version number box.

Your device ID will be found there just after the map version details. Glassman Inactive User.

Finding the serial number of your navigation device

Joined Jan 24, Messages 48 Reaction score 0 Location up north. Good shout porche on finding device id i got tomtom home running and connected brought my pda up but device id and serial blank. Hi Devilx Just inserte the three files out of original map folder into insert meta folder run dct getting a kind of dos dialogue box up then selected option 1 hit key starts to sort of generate something.