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Strict New Law in Connecticut for Children’s Car Seats

Feliciano said that can be a mistake. That does not give the child enough chest support, according to Feliciano. For correct placement, both the chest and lap belts should be underneath the armrests.

The seat belt should not be resting on soft tissue, such as the belly. Kids in Safety Seats hosts free monthly safety clinics, where a certified Child Passenger Safety CPS technician will check that your car seat is installed correctly and fits the child properly.

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Bilingual staff members will be on hand. A rear facing child restraint is so close to the airbag compartment that it gets in the way of the inflating bag. The bag hits the back of the child restraint with tremendous force. This violent blow is transmitted to the infants head and will cause a fatal or catastrophic injury.

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Make sure that the child is restrained correctly. DO NOT place a child forward facing until age two 2 and at least 30 pounds.

The right type of car seat:

Our most frequently asked questions To help you with quick information on Child seats we selected the answers to the top four questions that our Child Safety Seat Technicians regularly receive. Goshen, Office: executivelivery null me. The technicians may even walk you through installing the seat yourself, to ensure you know how to install the seat safely for your child. Previously, the law for infants riding in vehicles was inforced with rear-facing car seats until they were 1 year old and 20 pounds. Children who ride in a booster seat must use a lap and shoulder belt. The N. Other mistakes parents can make when placing a car seat in a vehicle include unnecessarily placing car seats by the passenger side doors.

DO NOT let children ride unrestrained. It is unsafe at any age. DO NOT let children ride in the bed of a pickup truck. DO NOT hold a child on your lap in a car. DO NOT put a baby in the front seat with an airbag.

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Many injuries and deaths can be prevented with proper use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts. Several states are hosting car seat check events in the near future. LATCH stands for l ower a nchors and t ethers for ch ildren. Vehicle LATCH systems include hardware referred to as lower anchors located in the bite of the vehicle's back seats and top tether anchors.

It is extremely rare to use a top tether with a rear-facing car seat, but all convertible and infant seats have lower anchors for LATCH some combination seats do as well. There is a weight limit for use of lower anchors of approximately 65 lbs.

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Once a child reaches 40 lbs. Both the LATCH and seatbelt are equally safe when the car seat is installed using the vehicle and car seat owner's manuals. LATCH seems to make installation easier for many parents.

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On the car seat you will find a top tether which should be used when installing all forward-facing car seats. Top tethers reduce head excursion in a crash to prevent head, neck and spinal cord injury.

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Check the vehicle owner's manual for direction on whether to use seatbelt or lower anchors. Car Seat Safety Checks.

Find a technician in your area. Keep in mind: There is a weight limit for use of lower anchors of approximately 65 lbs. Is it time to replace your car seat?

Child Seat Expiration Date. Damaged Car Seats. Child Seat Recall. What are the most common car seat mistakes parents make? In the past decade the weight limits for all stages of car seats have increased as manufacturers start to design child restraints for larger children.

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