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St. Vincent & the Grenadines:: Sustainable Integrated Development

Vincent Parrot, resulting in increase of the population. Enrichment planting of naturalized species will be done on approximately 2 hectares of the 7. The Project will assist with the rehabilitation of the access road allowing access to workers to carry out silvicultural interventions in the watershed to further promote soil and water conservation in the area. The Project will also target the reduction of direct discharges of pig effluent into the environment through the employment of dry manure techniques.

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It will contribute to the development of the Jennings Bird Watching Trail which has the potential to be a significant revenue earner for the community, given the avian diversity and uniqueness in the upper watershed as well as the outstanding aesthetic appeal of the environment. The GEF Small Grants Programme will support at least one community group in the Georgetown area to take advantage of the economic potential associated with implementation of the project. While the direct project interventions in sustainable land and forestry management will be over approximately 15 hectares, the entire watershed over 5, hectares will be managed as a unit within the scope of the project.

Fifty hectares of the forest protected will directly benefit ecotourism.

It is expected that the active SLM interventions to reduce the rate of upland degradation and restore the integrity of riparian ecosystems will lead to benefits within the wider watershed through in-situ conservation. Through on-site land and forest cover investments within 15 hectares over the target watershed areas, it is expected that an estimated 1, The Project will also carry out a census of the St.

Vincent parrot Amazonaguildingii , endemic to the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and one of the rarest and most magnificent parrot species globally.

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The project therefore focused on strengthening civil society so that it can better play its role. The project placed emphasis on the conservation of biological diversity especially through its associated project activities.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines:: Sustainable Integrated Development

The achievements of the project are highlighted below. Its purposes are: 1 to implement core activities and 2 to pursue funding for and facilitate implementation of associated projects. Sector Planning and Training Workshops: Sector planning workshops brought together stakeholders around a common interest or theme, to share their ideas and discuss the way forward. The numerous Grenadines non-governmental organizations NGOs , community-based organizations CBOs and social groups are eager to make a difference but are uncertain what to do to ensure their organizations are functional and have an impact.

SusGren provided training to help them. This component was a means to achieve visible outputs in many islands while building the capacity of the groups in project implementation.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Sustainable Grenadines Project has partnered with local, regional and international organizations to bring associated projects to the Grenadines and increase the total value of the Project beyond the funding provided by The Lighthouse Foundation. Over 10 projects have been initiated and most completed.

The Water Taxi Project addressed aspects of the daily operation of water taxis and especially their potential to negatively impact the environment. It strengthened the capacity of water taxi operators to act as environmental stewards while earning a livelihood on the sea. Grenadines bibliography: Information on the environment, sustainable development, culture and anthropology of the Grenadine islands was widely scattered.

Grenadine Islanders often found it difficult to access the information needed to make informed decisions about their own development. This project compiled this information to make it easily accessible to local community.

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People and Corals Project: This project promoted coral reef conservation throughout the Grenadine islands through the introduction coral reef conservation concepts and approaches in primary schools. The formulation of a coastal management programme with permitting authority and incentive-based criteria for coastal development that sends the right signals to the development community.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Sustainable Model Garden Pilot Project

Agricultural reform that promotes a strong, viable agricultural base able to adapt to changing climatic conditions, including the development of in situ seed-bank and tissue-culture development centres for the preservation of plant genetic information. Protection of water-supply sources and improved harnessing and distribution systems to accommodate competing uses with increasing water demand and water supply variability.

The enhancement of water quality, addressing municipal and industrial discharges and urban and agricultural runoff. The provision of incentives for investment in renewable energy, including solar and wind energy and hydrogen-fuel-based transportation.

The strengthening and equipping of the local vector-control unit to respond to expanding insect populations and the emergence or re-emergence of vector-borne diseases. Greater emphasis on heritage and eco-tourism to supplement beach tourism.