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DUI and Employment Background Checks

However, the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction can hang over your head for many years to come. A driving record contains any information related to traffic tickets, collisions, license suspensions, failure to appear in court violations, and traffic-related convictions, including DUI charges. According to the Washington Department of Licensing, alcohol-related convictions will appear on your driving record for life 99 years. However, not just anyone can access your complete driving record, and state law places limits on how long an arrest or conviction can appear on a background check.

According to the Department of Licensing, yes. Technically, criminal convictions are public records, which means a DUI conviction will be part of your criminal record forever. However, Washington state says that employers may only consider arrests that have occurred in the past 10 years, and most employers are unlikely to go to the courthouse and investigate public records.

Additionally, federal law states that a background check cannot include information on DUIs or other arrests that did not result in a conviction after a period of seven years. Plus, Washington state law says that your background check cannot contain convictions older than seven years either or juvenile convictions for people under the age of Employers are free to ask about convictions, but there are rules about how they can use this information in Washington.

You can request a copy of your driving record from the DOL, and—if an employer denies you a job based on a background check—you are entitled to a copy of that background check. If you want help clearing your name, or need more information on how long a DUI arrest or conviction will stay on your record, it is important to find experienced DUI attorneys to answer your specific questions.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Criminal Record?

Bowden today. In other jurisdictions, a public hearing is required on your petition, at which time you will be allowed to state your reasons for applying for the expungement. It is possible to proceed on your own, but if you can afford it, you might be better off getting an attorney to guide you through the process. The bottom line is, if your DUI was not your only conviction, or if you are still drinking and driving, chances are seeking an expungement would be a waste of time and effort.

But if the DUI was your first and only offense and you have truly cleaned up your act, it might be worth your time to clean up your record too.

Who Runs Background Checks?

And criminal convictions—from petty theft to violent felonies—show that a DUI would appear on a standard criminal background check. If the job application includes the common “have you ever been convicted of a crime?. A DUI conviction, or even an impaired driving charge that does not end in a of criminal arrests after a period of seven years, criminal convictions (including.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. More in Addiction. Was the DUI your first and only conviction? How much time has passed since the conviction?

Will a DUI Show on a Criminal Background Check?

What was the severity and nature of the crime? Drunk Driving and Vehicular Homicide.

Does your state allow a prospective employer to ask you about your criminal records?

Business Personal Resellers. It is perfectly legal for an employer to consider a conviction for DUI when determining whether to hire a person or to make other decisions that may impact him or her. California and eight other states allow a person to receive a certificate of rehabilitation for employment purposes after being convicted of DUI or other crimes, so that they can avoid some of the employment barriers that may result because of a criminal conviction. BACtrack Element Pro. An experienced lawyer can help an individual determine how both an arrest or conviction for a Maryland DUI charge can affect their current employment status. Employment issues for a first offense DUI in Maryland depend on the employment situation of the person. If records are expunged, criminal background checks may not be able to locate the DUI.

The process can be long and complicated. The process can be long, complicated and even confusing.

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How Long Will a DUI Stay on My Record?

Sign Up. It is perfectly legal for an employer to consider a conviction for DUI when determining whether to hire a person or to make other decisions that may impact him or her. However, state law may provide some additional protections to individuals with convictions.

Yes, a DUI is considered a crime. The seriousness of the crime depends on whether the crime falls under the felony or misdemeanor classification. A DUI may show up on a criminal background check. Background check programs and companies often gather public information from sources such as:. Background check programs may also consider information provided by an applicant. For example, the applicant may specify which states he or she has previously resided in.

The background check company may then search just these areas for any convictions. Background checks may also take information from the internet, possibly including online public records and social networking sites. In some cases, a DUI conviction may not show up on a criminal background check if the conviction occurred a long time ago. However, criminal convictions can lawfully be disclosed indefinitely. DUI arrests may not always show up on background checks.

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Background checks performed by outside companies are subject to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. This law prohibits the disclosure of criminal arrests that occurred more than seven years ago. However, those who make higher incomes may not be protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Some states have laws that prohibit employers from asking about arrests that did not result in a conviction.