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Even though employers are concerned with protecting themselves, sticking to these steadfast rules works against those with convictions or arrests in their past. An unfortunate side effect of a criminal past is that it often makes it difficult to return to legitimate employment which can cause a person to return to crime to survive. Misdemeanor crimes are those less serious in nature. Most people with criminal records have misdemeanors in their backgrounds. In the U. Several issues arise from the sheer volume of misdemeanor crimes being filtered through the American legal system.

For instance, a lack of resources prevents many innocent people from getting proper legal representation. Lack of resources can mean that a defendant did not have enough money to afford an attorney; or that the defendant received an overwhelmed or inexperienced court-appointed attorney. Unfortunately, many people do not know the toll a guilty plea will take on their lives. This means that in addition to the millions of people who made a mistake in their past, there are a number of people struggling to find employment because of misdemeanor criminal convictions they were not guilty of.

No matter which category you fall into, you can still land on your feet after a misdemeanor conviction or arrest. Unfortunately, no matter if you were guilty, innocent or have since turned over a new leaf, your criminal record on your background is unrelenting. The bad news is, a misdemeanor can still be an obstacle in your job search. Unfortunately, there is no tell-all guide to what companies are willing to hire you with a misdemeanor.

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In most scenarios, your best bet is to be aware of what appears on your criminal record. In addition, careers in hospitals, daycares, financial industry, schools, hotels , security or law enforcement will likely run a background check on you. The nature of your crime could possibly bar you from certain employment. For example, a misdemeanor domestic battery charge may prevent you from becoming a nurse or teacher.

However, the same charge will not close the door to being an attorney. There are several success stories of people with criminal background breaking into the field of their choice.

Felony convictions are more serious offenses than misdemeanors. Accordingly, seeking employment after a felony conviction or arrest is much more difficult than those trying to overcome a misdemeanor. Between and , the number of Americans with felony convictions grew by 37 percent. Additionally, over 90 percent of former federal prisoners who secure employment after their release successfully integrate back into society.

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This means that felons are much less likely to return to prison if they can find reliable employment. Know which companies are likely to hire felons and which companies will immediately disqualify you for your felony record. To maximize your job search efficiency, apply to jobs that are more likely to hire you. In addition, there are several organizations that are given a tax break by the government when they hire ex-felons. These tax breaks are specifically given to these businesses when they hire a felon in the first year after the conviction or release. Do your research to find out which organizations are known to take these tax breaks.

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You will have a much easier time gaining employment in this position. Look for organizations that can help you on the job search. There are several workforce development centers that are there to help ex-felons secure jobs. In addition, there are several online resources to assist you in your job search.

There is no limitation if you have the entrepreneurial skills to start your business.

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There are no laws that ban felons from starting or owning your business. Freelance opportunities are abundant in the digital world we live in.

In addition to the ubiquity, they are a good way to earn money and a criminal background is typically irrelevant. There are all types of jobs online, but be careful. You will never have to pay an upfront fee for a job. The best thing you can do as a felon to enhance your skill set is to improve your academic background. Take classes to keep your skills up to date, training programs to build skills or complete your GED.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

There are several jobs in technology that care more about your skills and less about other factors such as a criminal record. Depending on your state and the type of crime, you may have the right to get your felony removed from your records in a legal manner. Do some research and find a lawyer. A lawyer will know how you can get a felony conviction or arrest removed from your records and restore your rights.

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The Carlson Law Firm offers free consultations and can help you get the life you want. A job offer is much easier to attain if you have strong references. A strong reference can go a long way with potential employers. In addition, a good reference will be able to explain that you were a good worker on previous jobs or projects. A credible and reliable reference can add value to your application by speaking to your character. Walking into a job interview without knowing what is on your background is like riding a bike with your eyes closed. By knowing exactly what your criminal records say you will know what information you need to disclose and explain.

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Your potential employer will find out what is in your background if you do a background check. If you lied, you will definitely not get the job. By being upfront and honest you will show your employer that you are a trustworthy employee. Ban the box is an international campaign by civil rights groups and advocates of ex-offenders. These regulations differ from state to state. For example, anyone applying for a position in any of the following facilities or organizations in North Carolina needs to undergo a criminal record check:.

One of the main reasons that businesses both large and small go to the effort and expense of running screens — apart from mitigating the risk of workplace violence or employee theft — is to avoid liability. This is the primary reason that some seven out of ten employers said they conducted at least a criminal check on all job candidates, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resources Management. Sign up for a day free trial of Workable and start hiring better people, faster. The most common forms of pre-employment screening are criminal records checks and credit reports.

Other forms include driving records, as well as verification of education, identity and previous addresses. Searches can include the sex offender registry, credential verification, reference checks and in some instance searches under the Patriot Act terrorism watch list. In addition, there are drug tests and even lie detector tests — although these are prohibited in all but a few instances. There is no one, all-knowing database which gets searched. There are county court and federal records, financial records, credit histories and a host of other data sources.

These FCRA-compliant data providers, who have access to millions of records, work with reputable agencies to compile reports. This is the tricky part. Many agencies appear to charge a flat rate for packages of checks. The best illustration of this is access to county court records. Some county courts charge a fixed fee for retrieval of criminal records. If a candidate is or has been resident in one or more counties, there will be charges related to access for each county database.

Checkr , the agency providing background checks via Workable offers a full list of county court fees. Some agencies absorb part of these costs but others will pass this on to employers who will find themselves with a bigger than expected bill. Read the terms and conditions carefully before going ahead. If your checks come back clear then your next steps are obvious.

When you decide to take this action, you are legally obliged to inform the candidate of your intent. They in turn have 7 days to dispute the results of the report.

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They have the right to dispute the report, which obliges your screening agents to repeat the investigation, paying special attention to the point or points that led to adverse action. This could mean anything from verifying a mistaken identity, to disputing a county court conviction or seeking clarification on professional or educational qualifications.

With most agencies this process can be repeated twice if the candidate is intent on disputing an adverse result. Background checks should be used to inform your hiring decision, not to make that decision for you. Every company develops their own hiring policies, and different roles are governed by their own sets of regulations.